Commissioner of Lands receives death threat

The Commissioner of Lands, Wilbert Vallejos, has been the recipient of a death threat. Reports to PlusNews are that sometime last week, Mr Vallejos received an envelope addressed to him. Inside that envelope was a matchbox. On opening the matchbox, Wilbert Vallejos found a 9 millimeter bullet inside. Written on the underside flap of the envelope were the words, “Compensa bien or muere”. Translated, that is pay up well or die. Interestingly, when the envelope arrived, there was another paper over the envelope. That paper had the name of another person scribbled on it. That person was detained by police and his residence searched. However, police found nothing that could incriminate the man whose name was written on the paper or attach him to the death threat and so he was released. Police are now continuing their investigation.  

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