Committee for Arthur Saldivar slams Eamon Courtenay

The Constituents of Belmopan and the Committee to Elect Arthur Saldivar have responded to comments made by EAmon Courteny yesterday. As we told you, Attorney Eamon Courtenay is among the number of PUP executives that Arthur Saldivar brought a law suit against earlier in June. Saldivar sued several Executive Members of the People’s United Party  after his application to represent the party as a Standard Bearer in Belmopan was rejected.  Courtenay indicated that if the People’s United Party accept Saldivar as a candidate, then he will take it upon himself to sue Saldivar.   For content, here again is that statement. 

Eamon Courtenay, Legal Advisor, PUP: I am not one of the attorneys involved, I am a victim of Mr Saldivar’s misguided legal claim. I do not understand and I speak for myself, I do not understand why it is that Mr Saldivar believes that he has a right to represent a party, where a party doesn’t want him to represent us. His coming to court to force a political party to make a legal decision in his favour. In my view I hope he’ll never prevail, he is not a fit and proper person to represent the People’s United Party and if the People’s United Party choose him as a candidate then I will sue and challenge him to represent the party since litigation is where this is all going to end up.

Reporter: Are you the saying that his argument that his constitutional right under the party’s constitution was breached holds no value?

Eamon Courtenay, Legal Advisor, PUP: It is preposterous and it is ridiculous. What Mr. Saldivar does not want to accept is that we don’t want him. That is what he should get in his head that we do not want him as one of our candidates. And he can come to court as many times as he wants, at the end of the day he will not represent the party, even if I have to sue him.

Reporter: What about the argument that it is the people that should decide?

Eamon Courtenay, Legal Advisor, PUP: Well, he can run as an independent.

Via a press release issued today, the Committee to Elect Arthur Saldivar says they were “.. shocked and appalled by the disgusting display of arrogance, contempt and disregard for propriety, discipline and unity exhibited by PUP legal advisor, Eamon Courtney…. He chose to attack the most viable candidate in the Belmopan PUP race.”  The committee says Courtenay’s comment was unwarranted and  “..exposes a deep-rooted rot that has been infecting our Party and Belmopan Constituency for over a decade.”   The statement also reads,  “..the vast majority of the country and supporters of the PUP are suffering due to the policies of this ruling UDP government, but not Eamon Courtney. Eamon Courtney has made tens of millions of dollars under the UDP while representing Michael Ashcroft in the BTL case, the UHS case and many others involving the Government of Belize. He is eating from the UDP trough and is totally disconnected with reality.  His actions last night leaves us only to deduce that he is working with the UDP as a trojan horse planted within the PUP ranks to suppress any meaningful challenge to John Saldivar.” The committee for Arthur Saldivar says it calls on the Party leader to intervene and stop what it says is a charade that is being engineered solely by Eamon Courtney.

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