Community police training

vlcsnap-2015-11-25-11h13m31s192In other police news, today, 98 police officers assigned to community policing unit country wide attended a half day training seminar at the Belmopan Civic Center to discuss community policing matters and to install the newly appointed Officer in Command of the Community Policing unit Assistant Commissioner of Police Aaron Guzman. Assistant Superintendent Gerald Jones, who is in charge of Community Policing in Belmopan told us more about the National Meeting that took place today.

ASP Gerald Jones, Officer in Charge of Community Policing Blmp: We have different topics that we are discussing. The topics include the GREAT Program, the Citizens on patrol, the neighborhood watch program, the community oriented policing program as well as the do the right thing program.

Emmanuel Pech, Reporter: Now sir a lot of people are not too familiar with this side of policing. Explain to us what is the importance of having a solid community policing base.vlcsnap-2015-11-25-11h13m21s75

vlcsnap-2015-11-25-11h13m36s242ASP Gerald Jones, Officer in Charge of Community Policing Blmp: It is important for us to portray that image because then we are being seen as the eyes and ears and face of the police department. Recently the commissioner of police has embarked on a strategy and this is one of the strategies through community policing. Through the different regions we find out that most police departments across the country and in the Caribbean, are embarking on the same strategy. It helps because what you have been seeing right now in Belize City, with Mr. Williams and Ms. Desiree Phillips and other places, they are using community policing to reduce crime. It is a good crime fighting strategy tool that we must emphasize on and we’re thankful for corporation from members of the public, especially those in Belmopan who are embracing the new strategy with community oriented policing program.

The National Neighborhood Watch program, the GREAT Program and the Special Police Constable program all make an integral part of the community policing initiative.

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