Community Service for Woman Who Lied About Rape

PoliceMyesha WilliamsMysha Williams has escaped prison sentence, but must do community service for committing a mischievous act.  The 18 year old woman fabricated a story about being raped last weekend.

She went to the police station and told police she was raped in her home and even took police her house to process the scene.

There, Williams showed them a damaged door lock at her front door, and she also showed the police the bedroom where she claimed the alleged assault had occurred. But when Williams was taken to the local hospital, the doctor said he could find no sign of rape or abuse on the young woman.

s hammerPolice further interrogated Williams and that is when she told them that she wanted to “deal wid the man” and was sorry she made up the report.

Police then charged Williams for committing a mischievous act to which she readily pled guilty when in front of the magistrate.

Mitigation pleas were  heard today Friday, February 21 and she begins her community service at the magistrate court starting Monday.

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