ComPol responds to International reports of Belize police inadequacies

The murder of ABC news executive producer Anne Swaney in Belize in January of this year followed a previous murder of a Canadian film maker weeks before. It caused a serious black eye on Belize’s image as a tourist destination and prompted a press release from the Belize Tourism Board promising closer work with the police department to protect tourists. On Wednesday, the Commissioner of police was asked to comment on how the police department is dealing with the pressure to deter crimes against tourists issue .As we said, Anne Swaney worked with ABC News as their internet news executive. ABC has been brutal in its addressing of the murder of their colleague, suggesting that the police in Belize are ill equipped to solve crimes due to limited resources and training, which is reflected in the country’s low conviction rate of 7%. The Commissioner of Police also gave a response to those reports. When asked for  a progress report on the Anne Swaney murder investigation, Commissioner Whyllie said that they have followed all leads but those have all been dead ends so farvlcsnap-2016-02-26-09h42m05s116 vlcsnap-2016-02-26-09h41m59s715

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