Con artist using name of LifeNet Church to solicit funds

There are reports that a person from an unknown number is calling several primary schools in Belmopan, allegedly using the name of one of the churches in Belmopan, to ask for money to transport a set of tablets to the respective schools. The first report was made on Monday.

According to reports, on March 2nd Kuxlin Ha Government School received a call from a restricted number. The person, a female’s voice, identified herself as Martha Sanchez Twist and asked to speak to the principal. Plus News spoke to the Principal of the School Sarita Westby who gave us a timeline of the conversation she had with the unknown caller.

According to Principal Westby, the person who identified herself as Martha Twist, spoke in fluent Creole and asked for the population of the Kuxlin Ha Government. When Westby asked the purpose of the caller’s inquiry,  the caller said that she represented Life Net Church which, she claimed, is pastored by one David White, and that the Kuxlin Ha Government School has been selected as one of the recipients of free tablets.

The thing is there is no Pastor David White at Life Net Church in Belmopan.

The caller further stated that the tablets were at the Northern Border, and asked the school for money to transport the tablets from the border to the school in Belmopan.

The Principal told Plus News that she asked for a phone number so that they can stay in touch, but the caller said she didn’t have a number at the moment and was only borrowing a phone to make that call. When the principal pressed on for a number she started reciting her a cell phone number, but before she could finish the phone call cut off and the principal never heard from Martha Twist again.

The school brought this up to the pastor of LifeNet Church in Belmopan, Pastor Lee Brockinton, who said they knew nothing about this.


vlcsnap-2015-03-05-08h17m22s132Lee Brockington – Pastor of LifeNet Church

“I had a phone call from Kuxlin Ha Primary School that someone had called, saying that they wanted to donate tablets to the entire student body of 800 students, including the teachers, and the school is calling me to confirm that those were accurate, because they said they were coming from LifeNet.  I confirmed that I was not aware.

I hope they do get them.  That would be wonderful, but it didn’t come from LifeNet.  I wish we could, but we can’t. 

They said the shipment was at the border, and they just needed some money to get the gas down to here.  So I called Plus, let Plus know about it, put out a notice among us on Facebook, to pass around the  message.

Today, I got a phone call from one of my members, that Cotton Tree as well as St. Margret’s  School has both been called, pretty much the same story that LifeNet as well as Global [Outreach] were giving away tablets. 

I called Frankie Wade.  Both of those are inaccurate.”


On Tuesday March 3rd, two other primary schools in Belmopan reported that they had also received a call asking for money to transport a set of tablets to their school using the name of Life Net Church.  Life Net Church in Belmopan reiterates that they are not behind this supposed donation and urges schools to be cautious.

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