Concepcion villagers receive land lease titles

Yesterday, 78 residents from the Village of Concepcion in Corozal were issued with land lease titles. The tittles were

issued by UDP Corozal North Area Representative, Hugo Patt, who took over the Ministry of Natural Resources from Dr. Carla Barnett last month. The Ministry is known for prolonging the issuance of documents. Well, according to Minister Patt, his team went into the Ministry to fix that issue. He told villagers that the issuance of the 78 lease titles is evidence of the work being done in the Ministry, under his leadership.

Hon. Jugo Patt, Minister of Natural Resources: This morning we’re going to be issuing 78 leases to 78 deserving candidates who, for so long, have been waiting for this particular day. I think, and those of us who are now in the Land’s Department would know that the Land’s Department would have the infamy of taking forever in producing documents. We went in the ministry to follow up merely what has been done. We went into the ministry with the commitment to produce, and today is one more community that sees the result of what we’re doing. It was an exercise that had been done in the past. For some reason or another we had delays, but we made sure that whatever we had pending, whatever commitment we took on some years ago, we commit to those and today is the result of that exercise. Today is the result of that work, and today we’re procuring 78 leases for the people of Conception Village. This we will be doing on a steady and steadfast pace to ensure that we cover as much as possible as it ensure to the populace of the general transcript of our area.

Needless to say, the new leaseholders were all smiles after receiving their land titles. Several villagers shared just how they plan to use the piece of land

Jasmine Carillas, Resident of Concepcion: Many things are in my mind right now now that I have. I can now build a house, plant some fruits and vegetables and things, many things. I’d like to thank Mr. Angel Campos and the government and everyone that helped.

Modesto Valencia, Resident of Concepcion: My name is Modesto Valencia. Here we are getting a certificate from the Land’s Department that long time we are waiting for. So the day came that we received the papers and everything because there’s a good while that I was fighting for land and so today is the day that the choice has come. I appreciate the good Lord for it. I thank the chairman and everyone for it because he told me don’t worry it will take some time, but it will be yours. I plan to make a house because I’m living with someone, but it’s not my house. It’s not like I own one. I’ll try to make my house faster, and I pray the good Lord for this day. I thank the minister, and I thank the chairman because he’s the one that gives us hopes and everything because he is the one who talked to the person and I thank the chairman a lot.

Nayeli Olivarez, Resident of Concepcion: I feel special because this is the first time that I got something in my name. I plan to build a house.


According to Minister Patt, the initiative will continue in communities across the country

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