Concerned Citizen Addresses Unequality in Gun Law

hand with .38 revolverjudges hammerTwo recent cases, those of a Belmopan resident with alleged political connections who was spared traffic charges after a hair-raising night on the town, and a Belize City man whose story of conspiracy sounded fit to the ears of police who wanted to charge him for possession of an unlicensed firearm that he insists wasn’t his.  The latter case in particular has spurred Russell Roberts, a concerned citizen, to speak out.  Roberts told PLUS News today that in the latter case, the law is simply unequal for all.

vlcsnap-2014-01-08-11h12m20s53Mr. Russel Roberts-Activist 

“It does not apply evenly.  it’s about time people come out and listen to the talk shows every day; I watch mih news everyday and like nobody no dih step pahn dih forefront.  Dis da time we get together and change this law.  Like I said, Mr. Verde shot the last victim right eenah the presence of his child.  They ask fuh deh revoke fuh he license and he still gah e gun license, and still get eeanh another gun problem and still dih got off ah it again.  So, tell me weh da dih problem with this law”.

Roberts says he was moved to act when comparing the fate of Anwar Zetina and Reynaldo Verde with others who have been treated much more harshly.

Activist Russel Roberts:  “After watching news countless nights and see innocent people get dragged to jail and just a few whe you plainly could see, dehn kill teen dah weh dehn do, but yet, dehn get off.  So, I dih ya fih speak against dis issue and I think I ready fuh bring it eeanhy dih forefront with all the activist dehn lisn to this message weh I gah fih seh.  Fif dis 2014, mek sure everithing set and try defend the poor people outya.  If this law no dih work fuh we, we haffuh change this or the other.  All the leaders and deh, dehn just get together and dehn mek dehn law.  When deh eenah dem problem, dih law come back and lash w eenah fuh we back.  So, this da time fuh we come out and change this law because this no dih work fuh we”.

 Roberts says that the actions of the authorities in both cases may end up instilling fear in the populace.

Activist Russel Roberts:  “Of course, two gun laisn!  Weh a man need two gun fah, this dah ah two gun kit, then?  Look like hihn dih eenah wa gun kit.  It could be anybody else, but eenah da case deh, you gat charged fuh two attemp mordah, and still gah wa gun laisn and still dih get eeanh trouble.  I wa know weh happm to the Public Service Union.  Dehn suppose to look into ting like dis.  We can’t gah people like dehn deh dih roam dih streets and deal with business and things like that fih dih govament.  Deh like…if I da wa businessman ann my bredda coh rong me, I no wa know becah, i no know weh kind a intimidation dat!  Dehn like talk haad and dehn like cohn dehn kind a way deh.  So, this da weh deh haf to look into”.  We haffu change this law.  This no dih work fuh we.  E dih only dih work fuh a few”.

Roberts told us he has plans to work with other activists to protest the unequal gun law at a future time.

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