Concerns expressed over new Pomona Water Board

On Sunday at 10am, Pomona Village Council held change over ceremony for its new Water Board. Pablo Wagner is the immediate past chairman and has handed over to incoming Chairman Adriano Vanegas.

According to Area Representative, Hon Rodwell Furgeson, the outgoing board had done a stellar job, keeping the accounts in the black and improving the water services to the entire community.

vlcsnap-2014-09-05-08h09m47s222Rodwell Furgeson – Area Representative, Stann Creek West

“When I was actually shown what the present Water Board has done, even though it’s a a UDP Water Board, I was really surprised with the level of expansion and the level of development.  So I walked the village, and I looked at every new expansion, and every new expansion had access to drinking water.  I saw that they had two additional brand new water pumps.  So if the system goes in tomorrow and the day after, they can replace it almost immediately.

When I went and tore up the field where the water tank is, they just built  a new thirty thousand gallons water tank, that cost them seventy thousand dollars, with only the money from the Pomoda Water Board.  That has never happened in the country. They never rely on Government for anything.  They did it on their own. They’ve also improved the office, and have extra funds”

Alex Romero is current chairman of Pomona. He belongs to the same Political party as caretaker Melvin Hulse, however Mr Romero went up in Standard Bearer Conventions in Stan Creek West against Mr Hulse earlier this year and lost.

Hon Furgeson says, the friction between the two may have been a major factor in the dismissal of the old board members and the replacing of most of them.

Rodwell Furgeson

“Because the present Water Board went out and supported a candidate who challenged Melvin Hulse in the Convention, Mr Alex Romero, and so they were all ousted as members of the Pomona Water Board, even though they did a wonderful job. 

But we will see what will be the end result at the end of the day, but I can look and say [that] I never realized a Water Board could have done so much in their community.”

Reliable sources in Pomona told PlusTV that the community is already disturbed by moves within this first week of the new board’s appointment. It seems the newly appointed chairman of the water board in Pomona has selected his daughter to act as the new clerk. The clerk is the one responsible by law to collect payments from residents for their water bill.

Rodwell Ferguson says, if given the opportunity to form a new government, all that will change as he intends to push to have Village Councils completely control all water boards .

Rodwell Furgeson

“Not because I’m a PUP do we recognize this dilemma, and we say whenever we become the next Government, we are going to give the Village Council total control of their Water Boards, because we believe that the water is a way of improving a community.  If they’re working along with the Village Council, then I think they’re going to have an easy flow, and help develop their community,”

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