Concocaf Champions League 2015 ; Belize vs Panama

vlcsnap-2015-09-22-20h02m18s152The stage is set for the second leg of the Scotia Bank Concocaf Champions League 2015 which will be held at the FFB Football Stadium in Belmopan tonight between Belize’s Verdes FC and Panama’s San Francisco FC. Last month, Verdes held their own against mighty Queretaro drawing against the team from Mexico. However on the return match, which was played at Queretaro last week,  Belize’s Verdes lost by a whopping 8 to 0, putting Verdes at the bottom of the group with 1 point. Queretaro leads the group with 7 points, and San Francisco is in second place with 3 points after they defeated Queretaro 2 to 1 in their home game. As it is,  Verdes FC will have to win both matches against San Francisco by a collective 8 goals to have a spot in the next round; quite a challenge for the green machine, but Verdes FC’s Operations Manager Jose Perez says they believe they can win tonight’s game with some pep from the fans, of course.

vlcsnap-2015-09-22-20h05m47s191Jose Perez; We had the altitude over 6,000ft. We had the long journey all the way from Belize, travelled to Chetumal, from Chetumal to Mexico City, from Mexico City to Quetero, arriving the wee hours of the morning. By the time the team go rest it was 4’clock in the morning, but no excuses. It’s just that the tournament is a professional level, and we need to be professional which means a lot of things, means a lot of things.

Reporter: And you feel like you have the home advantage here tonight.

Jose Perez: We definitely have. I ask again for the fans, because the fans are the 12th player. And that is one of things we noted in Quetero. That mien, they had a fan behind one of the goals, like 7000 fans there standing up proud making a lot of noise. And so the fans do make a vlcsnap-2015-09-22-20h02m54s4difference. The fans do make a difference and so we feel that we must make use of the home advantage and so once again we invite you guys to come out and watch the game, support verdes, make some noise.

Kick off starts at 8 pm. Tickets are still available at the door for $40 dollars Belize. Verdes Shirts are also on sale. Of note is that favoured Verdes footballer Jared Davis is back on the pitch and will be starting tonight’s match.

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