Condemnation of Moh Hol destruction

vlcsnap-2013-05-14-19h34m06s161The destruction of the Moh Hul monument in northern Belize, has garnered much national and international attention – outrage rather, as a portion of the late pre-classic Mayan temple was demolished for road fill. Today, the Ministry of Tourism and Culture issued a release, stating “This total disregard for Belize’s cultural heritage and national patrimony is callous, ignorant and unforgiveable.” The Ministry says that an investigation has been launched “to determine all the facts in this case.” Meanwhile, the PUP’s Northern Caucus has called out the contractor Denny vlcsnap-2013-05-14-19h34m19s219Grijalva, whose company’s machinery was used for the tear down. The caucus adds, “ these are not only important  elements  of our Belizean  history  and  culture,  but  an  integral component  of  a  developing  tourism industry.  The  damage  done  to  the Mayan  temple  will  certainly diminish  the  growth  of  a  tourism  industry starting  to  develop  in  the  northern  districts, and  will  decrease  the  potential for much needed employment in the region.” Other organizations that have since come out to condemn the demolition are the National Institute of Culture, History and the Belize Tourism Board, BTIA, APAMO and COLA.

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