Condition of San Estevan Road highlighted in House

San-Estevan-Road0007-300x225The condition of the San Estevan Road in the Orange Walk District has long been a concern for commuters and residents of that area. And with the recent rain, the lack of a proper drainage system prohibits water from running off the road – devastating the streets even more. Despite constant grumbling and protest, not much has been done to alleviate the situation. And so what better platform to bring the issue than at a meeting of Government’s highest elected officials and in the presence of the media nonetheless. Area Representative for Orange Walk  Central, the Hon. John Briceno, took advantage of that opportunity this past Friday.

vlcsnap-2013-11-06-08h50m14s102Hon. John Briceno- Area Representative for Orange Walk Central

“Mr. Speaker, on behalf of the people of San Esteban, the deputy Prime Minster is from San Esteban; so probably he would join me as I demand for them to fix the road to San Esteban, it is in the worst condition it has ever been in history.   If you were to recall, or probably you would not recall, Mr. Speaker, but certainly the Deputy Prime Minister would recall: just before the election, they put up big sign…big sign that they are going to pave the road to San Esteban.   To point out that we just no dih cohn to dih exaggerate; I brought some pictures and then I will leave it to the Minister because he doesn’t know where the road to San Esteban exists:  This is the wining of the road Mr. Speaker, like dehn drop wam bomb on this road that the people ca’a use…the vehicles ca’a use!   All the vehicles just back up because they can’t use the road.   See it yah, see it yah, member from Orange Walk North, Deputy Prime Minister and the members of the media, unuh could watch it how bad it is.   Here’s another picture, Mr. Speaker; look at all these people standing on the mud.    You know why dehn standing on the mud?   Because the bus banked!   So, they had to get wah truck fuh pull out the bus from the road.   This is a major road, Mr. Speaker.   We have some of the most productive, hard working Belizeans that use this road to go to their farm, to go to their cane fields; to go home; a lot of people use this road”.

But John Briceno is deceiving the people, says the Area Rep. for Orange Walk North. The Minister hit back, laying the blame of the road’s deplorable state on PUP cronies.

vlcsnap-2013-11-06-08h50m51s227Hon. Gaspar Vega- Deputy Prime Minister

“The representative from Orange Walk Central is quite informed and e like deceive people.   He, more than anybody…I am certain he knows becaw e no dat slow…he knows that it is a European Union Project that is taking place on that road, and it’s a contract that has been given for more than a year to your PUP crony, Lopez and Berber.   Da dehn you fuh go cry to!   You know dehn have the contract.     You, more than anybody else, but like how dehn da PUP crony, you noh like call their name!   But da Lopez and Berber are the ones to be blamed!  That’s all I want to say, Mr. Speaker”.

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