Confiscated Rosewood Mysteriously Disappeared

vlcsnap-2014-05-13-18h14m05s68The issue regarding Rosewood just seems to not want to go away. Just last month in April, Plus News reported two suspicious movements of rosewood in the south; only one week apart.

The first sighting was on Sunday, April 6 when PGTV reported about 7000 board feet of freshly cut rosewood discovered half mile off the road near the village of Trio area.

The illegally obtained rosewood was being hauled to Bella Vista Village just outside of Independence. Forest officers at Savannah Forest Station in Independence were notified but, according to reports, when they did reach the location, the rosewood was gone.

Then on April 14th, Forestry Officers operating out of Savanna Forest Station located a huge stash of Rosewood; a whopping 40,000 square feet. Most of them appeared to be freshly cut, according to Plus News sources.

They called in to the Headquarters vlcsnap-2014-05-13-18h16m37s60and a helicopter was dispatched. The rosewood was taken to the Savannah Forest Station just outside of Independence village and there we were able to capture these photographs of the confiscated rosewood. Senior forest officers refused to comment on the confiscation; all we knew were that they were supposed to be transported to the BDF camp in the Toledo District for “safekeeping”. Well, tonight we report that something has gone radically wrong with the stash of rosewood filches.

They have disappeared!  The pictures you are seeing are shots taken today from the same angles we took them last month when 40,000 board feet of rosewood were clearly visible.  Up to late last week much of the filches were still vlcsnap-2014-05-13-18h14m52s0stored at this location.

We have also learnt that the forest officers on the ground are nowhere to be found and we were unable to reach the Officer in charge of the Savannah station by phone as it simply rang off the hook. Tomorrow we will seek information from the Forestry department on what happened to the rosewood stored at the Savannah Forest Station.

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