Restore Belize and the Youth and Community Transformation Project is hosting a one week Conflict Mediation Training. The Youth and Community Transformation Project funds several agencies that work with at risk youth across the country. The one week training was organized to equip those agencies with the tools needed to resolve conflicts on a daily basis. Robin Schaufeer, Communications Officer at Restore Belize, tells us more.

Robin Schaufeer, Communications Officer, Restore Belize: This is not our first mediation training that we’ve been doing with Restore Belize partnering with ICT. We have trained over 150 people so far since the program started 2012-2013. And we’re actually working with the judicial system as well. In 2017, we had people sworn in as court appointed family mediators, and again in 2018 we had the second group. Mediation, or alternative dispute resolution is really something that as a country, we’re building or national capacity, because conflict is pervasive in every aspect of life, but it doesn’t always have to go through arbitration, it doesn’t always have to go through the courts. So this is a way to build capacity and equip service providers who are the target because they work a lot with youths, families; they are on the ground with people. So to equip service providers with the skills to resolve disputes in a way that empowers disputants so that the mediator plays the role of a facilitator. The disputants find their own solutions, and as a result they can build or work towards building a culture of lasting peace since they are in charge of their own resolutions for these conflicts.   

.The training ended earlier today.

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