Confusing Street Names in Salvapan

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Before Belmopan became the capital, Salvapan and the other surrounding communities that were managed separately by their own community chairs. In those days the community residents only knew their address by their lot number.

Then between 2000 and 2005 under the tenure of the first Mayor of Belmopan, Anthony Chanona, and with the assistance of the community chairpersons, the streets were given names.

However today in the second decade of the twentieth century community the residents of Salvapan are uncertain about their real street names. A trifle matter, but it has been causing a great deal of confusion in the community. Not only that, it is also confusing important correspondences like electricity bills.

Francisco Hernandez, who was the chairman of Salvapan before the communities became a part of the capital, shed some light into the street situation in the community.


vlcsnap-2015-01-10-11h46m33s178vlcsnap-2015-01-10-11h59m07s58Francisco Hernandez – Former Chairman of Salvapan

[Translated]  “The problem that has happened with some of the street names is that the young people, some young people, through a lack of responsibility, or a lack of understanding, tore down the street names, or the street signs, that labeled the streets. 

For example, in the case of Costa Rica Street, it is not the street that passes in front of the football field, beside the Chinese shop.  No, that is not Costa Rica Street.  It has that name because they tore the street sign to confuse the people. 

Sometimes they would put the street signs on a post to say ‘this is Calle Las Americas,’ and the Costa Rica Street sign, they would put  it somewhere else.”


Francisco Hernandez called on the young people of Salvapan and the neighbouring communities to work together for the continued development rather than regression of the communities.


vlcsnap-2015-01-10-11h56m22s171Francisco Hernandez

[Translated]  “I call on the young people that are listening to me, that it is not right, nor does it benefit anybody, to take down the signs of the street names. because we’re confusing not only the community, but also preventing important mail like electricity bills, water bills, or some notice from City Council or the Minister, from reaching its correct destination. 

Personally, I don’t feel good when an electricity bill or a water bill reaches me by mistake.  It is causing disorder.  So we would appreciate it if you collaborate with us.”


The Belmopan City Council has informed us that they will be looking at the situation.

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