Confusion at Court, charges couldn’t stick on accused kidnapper

That police statement has assisted police in further investigations and has also led to the arrest of another person,one Ryan Rhaburn. Rhaburn was taken to the Belmopan court this evening  where he was to be arraigned arraigned for two counts of Kidnapping of Mennonite Lloyd Friesen and his wife. However, there was confusion at court, and the charges could not stick. Rhaburn’s legal representative, Herbert Panton explains.

Herbert Panton , Attorney for the Defence vlcsnap-2016-07-22-16h28m29s12
“It is the same thing as was the previous case with the other 5 clients and there is no need for Chester Williams to go and do any legal research on this one because it’s the same thing. Whatever the facts are of the case the criminal procedure rule say that they ought to be represented to the defendant prior to arraignment. On the facts presented it must be established that there is a prima facie case. Now we’re not dealing with evidence, evidence comes at the time of BI and the time of trail but when reading the facts you must be able to surmise that kidnapping which is the charge here actually occurred. And how does kidnapping occur? It occurs when you hold someone against his or her will. The facts say that 2 creole descent person, male persons held the Thiesens at the residence at Intelco Hill. The moment they were held against their will the kidnapping occurred. They said that they did not know the male person but if they saw them again they would be able to recognize them. They did not mention Mr. Rhaburn’s name as to any of the two gentlemen at Intelco Hill. The facts further state that they were driven from Intelco Hill to the farm on the Western Highway. They had some kind of crocus sack or something over their head but through the little holes in that sack they were able to recognize Mr. Rhaburn. Now the kidnapping done happen so you recognize Mr. Rhaburn how do you connect Mr. Rhaburn to the kidnapping? Mr. Rhaburn works at the farm, Mr. Rhaburn is a farm manager.”

“Mr. Rhaburn may have very well may have been attending the sheep, the pig, the cow, the goat whatever is on the farm and then the charge states of kidnapping at mile 30 and 31 which would put it in the Belize judicial district. But how could you kidnap at mile 30 and 31 if the Thiesens say they were held against their will at Intelco Hill?”

According to Panton, the police are to blame if the case fals apart, and he says, they need to get their ducks in a row.

Herbert Panton , Attorney for the Defence
“All that needs to happen if for the police to get their ducks in a row, put the facts together, put the charge together and come back and re-arrest my client and charge him.I am certain they will come and charge and I had no problem with that on the first occasion. But all I am saying lord man you da the police force get your ducks in a row, get your act together.”


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