Conman stole over $10,300.00 from lady

A conman robbed a lady of over $10,300.00 Belize Dollars. 50-year-old Dalila Osorio reported that on the 25th of February 2015, she gave a man by the name of  Mark Anthony a cheque for $5000.00, and also $2000.00 in cash to purchase a vehicle in the U.S.A. The vehicle was to be delivered in the time period of two weeks. Mark Anthony  then contacted Mrs. Osorio asking her for more money to ship the vehicle to Belize and to pay a custom broker. Mrs. Osorio reportedly then gave Mark Anthony $3,300.00 more, all to a total of $10,300.00. Up to this time, 7 months later,  Mark Anthony has not delivered any vehicle to Mrs. Osorio and has refused to reimburse her money. Police are investigating .

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