Constable remanded over public discharge of gun

Constable Urbie Alamilla, 35, attached to the Intelligence section of Eastern Division (South) and a former Minister’s driver, has been remanded to prison, having been accused of discharging a firearm in a public place, to wit, Green Jade Restaurant located between Miles 8 and 9 on the Phillip Goldson Highway on Saturday, June 18, 2016. Fellow officers walked the accused from the corner of Regent Street and Treasury Lane into court, wearing no handcuffs, in an attempt to get past the press. In court Alamilla pleaded not guilty. The charge is brought under the Crimes Control and Criminal Justice Act, which denies bail in those circumstances, and not the Summary Jurisdiction Act which would have given Magistrate Carlon Mendoza more leeway on bail, and thus Alamilla was remanded until August 9, 2016. The difference prompted a break for some research of the law in question. Alamilla is represented by Richard “Dickie” Bradley and Anthony Sylvestre. Bradley says that he will be applying for bail for his client as early as tomorrow and he could be out within days. He explained why he is surprised by the charge:

Richard Dickie Bradley, Attorney for Urbie Alamilla

“When one looks at the law that is in the fire arm act, in regulation to what has transpired, Mr. Alamilla should not have been chargedvlcsnap-2016-06-22-17h48m36s240 because there are many witnesses and full video coverage of what was transpired. A person was being aggressive towards another person in the Green Jay Restaurant and then became aggressive to other persons including the officer. The officer is seen trying to calm him down and trying to talk to him and he goes outside the restaurant. He later returns, according to the eyewitness, with what appears to be a weapon, an icepick or something of that sort. The officer is sworn to uphold the law and protect other persons, including himself. In this dangerous age that we are living in I am surprised that this officer has been charged.”

We were also provided with video footage captured by Alamilla’s relatives which purports to show what unfolded inside the restaurant. Bradley speaks about how the case may be one of prejudice:

Richard Dickie Bradley, Attorney for Urbie Alamilla

The reason he is being charged or brought to court is that he wantonly or without reasonable cause discharged a fire arm in a public place. The evidence that is available does not at all bare up to that allegation against him. Whatever other problems the police administration may have with this police officer it is an injustice to have charged him under the fire arm act because that charge can be brought under another act. Once you bring a charge under the fire arm act there is an unjust and grossly unfair requirement that any charge put under this act cannot be given bail. So if you are required to show your fire arm license and you don’t have it and the police charge you, you will be sent to jail. There is a stupid law that is on the law book and I hope Anthony Sylvester will challenge that on constitutional ground. It is unfair what happened to that officer.


Bradley would not comment on the first incident reported by police a week ago as it has nothing to do with the case at hand. Police recovered an expended 9 mm aguila brand shell and 9 mm aguila brand live round on the floor of the restaurant. Alamilla may also face wounding and aggravated assault charges for injuries to two persons involved in the fracas, Ashley Haylock and Sharmaine Bainton.

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