Constitutional March in Corozal

vlcsnap-2013-07-19-17h38m41s175Tomorrow the 6th in a series of Constitutional marches will be held in Corozal town. Every other district in the country has held one where Christians and non Christians alike who are opposed to the Gender Policy 2013, have taken to marches and Rallies. Hundreds and in some districts, thousands have shown up to ask the government to get the policy in line with the Constitution of Belize which declares the supremacy of God.  Tomorrow is expected to be the final constitutional rally, and it is to be held in Corozal Town.  The march starts at two pm at the Social Security office and will proceed to the Central park for the rally. Organizers are once again appealing to those participating to be respectful, responsible, and God fearing in their signs, placards and displays.

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