Constitutional Rally in Corozal attracts over 300 participants











The series of Constitutional Rallies came to an end this Saturday. Corozal was the final host district, where a crowd of over 300 persons took to the streets requesting that government amend the 2013 Gender Policy to join in accordance with Belize’s Constitution. Speakers at the event were Pastor Scott Stirm, Louis Wade Jr., and local leaders. Keynote speaker was Audrey Matura Shepherd. So with all six rallies complete, it brings the head count to over 8,600 persons countrywide who marched and rallied over the issue of the Gender policy. And now the next step by the churches, which were not included in the drafting of the Gender Policy, is to present an amendment proposal for the document to Government. We understand that that proposal should be on the Prime Minister’s desk by next week.

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