Contraband cigarettes hidden in bread delivery truck

Contraband cigarettes hidden in a bread delivery truck headed to Dangriga were intercepted by Belmopan police. Following a lead, Belmopan police intercepted the bread truck and searched its contents. Hidden between the crates of bread were 45 cartons of contraband cigarettes. Three persons have been arrested. OC Gillet of the Belmopan police formation told us more.vlcsnap-2016-06-03-11h53m32s517

Supt. Howell Gillette, O.C Belmopan Police: We had an operation and among other things we intercepted a bread truck that was carrying bread to Dangriga, that is customary of them to do. But among the bread we found 45 cartoons of cigarette. Three persons were arrested. We’ve brought in one of our stakeholders and they’ve assessed the total and it amounts to something over $16,000.00. So now they must at least pay $11,000 for them to be released from custody. We believe that the cigarettes were destined for the local market in Dangriga and we believe also that it was coming from the Western Border. We’ve been having a very good relationship with the community that we serve and we continue to benefit from that relationship.  

The value of the cigarettes is estimated at $16,000 bz dollars. The men will have to pay a fine of $11,000 or go to jail.  vlcsnap-2016-06-03-11h53m51s680vlcsnap-2016-06-03-12h04m37s735

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