Controversial Wooden House Removed

Last three weeks, PlusNews broke the news of a controversial wooden structure that was being erected close to the National Assembly in Belmopan, purportedly in a green space area. But according to the City council,  the structure  was being built outside the designated green space area.

Nevertheless, due to public outcry, the City Councillors met last week and a decision was made to remove the building. That vlcsnap-2015-02-24-09h23m37s235vlcsnap-2015-02-24-09h23m26s135removal was done over the weekend.

The owner of the structure, a worker at City Hall, was given compensation monies to have the building removed, and the building was then donated to a primary school in Belmopan.

We checked with City Council to get details of that actual cost to City Council for the purchase of the building and its removal, but the council was unwilling to provide us what that information.


vlcsnap-2015-02-24-09h25m27s65 The building was removed on Sunday February 22nd and was transported to the Kuxlin Ha Government School in the Maya Mopan Area, Belmopan, where it is intended to be used for a feeding program at the school. The Kuxlin Ha school administration is waiting to meet with the Parent Teacher Association to have the program approved and jump started.

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