Controversial wooden structure will be removed from Belmopan green space

The construction of a small wooden structure on lot number 1127 or 1128 in the Belmopan Market Square raised some concerns as reports were that it was being built on a designated green space area, close to the National Assembly building. Construction began last two weeks and information was that someone who works at the City Council received permission to build a temporary structure in that area for private commerce.

vlcsnap-2015-02-19-05h31m15s20It caught the attention of PUP Senator and PUP Standard Bearer for Belmopan Patrick Andrews, who wrote to the Central Building Authority requesting that matter be looked into.

The City Council says due process was taken; however because of the general concerns expressed by the Belmopan residents, the Belmopan City council met on Wednesday and decided to remove the structure from that area.

Deputy Mayor for the Belmopan City Council, Anna Banner-Guy was part of that deliberating team that settled on that decision.


vlcsnap-2015-02-19-05h35m01s120Anna Banner-Guy  –  Deputy Mayor of  Belmopan

“Actually I was informed that our city Administrator met with the Market Committee representative, and I think there was a breakdown in communication between the Market Committee Representative and the market vendors themselves.  I believe that’s where the error went, because it was reported back to the Council by the Market Rep that there were no objections to the building.

However, after the construction started, then some objections were clearly demonstrated by the people in various ways and through various means.  Most of them came to us at the City Council, which was when we decided we need to listen to the people, because they’re very concerned.


Emanuel Pech – Plus News

“What is going to be done with the building?”


Anna Banner-Guy   

“Fortunately for a school in Belmopan, they have been requesting from the City Council some assistance with the feeding program they’re having at their school, because they don’t have anywhere to house the program.

So the City decided to donate the building to that program.”


The structure is scheduled to be removed on Saturday February 21st.

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