Convictions for attempted murder and rape in the Supreme Court in Orange Walk Town

The office of the Director of Public Prosecutions today reported convictions for attempted murder and rape in the Northern Session of the Supreme Court in Orange Walk Town. Justice Herbert Lord presided over both cases. Santiago Coc, indicted for rape, was convicted on the alternative charge of carnally knowing a mentally challenged woman contrary to Section 47 (2) (b) of the Criminal Code. The case was reported in 2008 when a mentally challenged woman reported being raped between February and March of 2008 in Chan Pine Ridge village, Orange Walk. Coc told the court that the sex was consensual but while being cross-examined admitted that he knew at the time he had sex with the woman that she had mental difficulties at the time.
Also today, Justice Lord found Kenroy Foreman guilty of attempted murder for an attack on his former common-law spouse in April of 2009 in Trial Farm, Orange Walk. Foreman, who was accused of slashing her throat three times, was tried without a jury. Sentencing in both cases was adjourned to May 23, 2013. The cases were prosecuted by Crown Counsels Shanice Lovell and Subita Maharaj respectively.

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