Cooking classes for children at YWCA Belmopan

vlcsnap-2013-07-23-11h50m03s46After being in Belize City for 57 years, the YWCA branched out to the City of Belmopan, where it officially opened its doors in March of this year to serve Belmopan and the wider Belize Community. With summer here, the Belmopan Branch decided to create a cooking program for kids between the ages of 7-10. Plus news paid a visit to the “Y” this morning and spoke with Julia Pop, a recent graduate of the “Y’s” cooking program and instructor for the cooking class.


Julia Pop – Cooking Instructor:

vlcsnap-2013-07-23-11h50m51s34My passion is cooking.  So when it comes to cooking, I just do it.  I’m here with the kids. Our main goal is to help kids to learn something that they could do at home.  Most of we parents we have to work, we are busy.  If [the children] learn something here, they could stay at home and practice it and have a healthy meal, because we are teaching basics, and something that they could do at home. That’s what our goal is.


The program got started in early July where 12 kids from Belmopan and surrounding areas attend on Monday and Wednesday from 10:30am to noon. Jayda Augustine is one of those kids.


Jayda Augustine – Participant:

vlcsnap-2013-07-23-11h58m56s246We learn to make brownies, enchiladas, and so forth. I made pancakes for my mom, French Toast and muffins.




We also spoke with 10year old Ivor Zuniga. Ivor told us, that he wants to be a chef in the future.


Ivor Zuniga – Participant:

vlcsnap-2013-07-23-12h02m37s163[I came to the cooking class] to be promoted to another level in cooking.  This weekend I made banana muffins.  [Today I’m making] pasta, baked macaroni and garlic bread.




vlcsnap-2013-07-23-11h50m22s240The program concludes on August 2nd where an official certificate ceremony will be held for the kids. On that day, the participating children will also be showcasing some of the plates and dishes they learned to prepare over the past month

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