Cordel Hyde could possibly return to the PUP

vlcsnap-2013-08-22-07h10m03s13Speculation has been rampant that former three-term Lake Independence area representative Cordel Hyde is close to a possible return to the People’s United Party. Mr Hyde was kicked out of the People’s United Party (PUP), along with brother-in-law Mark Espat, after the PUP narrowly lost the 2012 general elections, following their stunning decisions not to contest their seats. The party has been relatively quiet, apart from leader Francis Fonseca’s statement a few weeks ago that he and Cordel Hyde have been talking about a role for him in the party, which would not be necessarily as a standard bearer. But PLUS News has learned that there was to have been a meeting on Wednesday between Mr Hyde and leading figures of the PUP at Francis Fonseca’s law office on Gabourel Lane in Belize City. We have confirmed that it was postponed to a later date as former PUP leader Johnny Briceno and deputy Florencio Marin Jr. were unavailable due to a funeral. Reliable sources tell us that the meeting was an exploratory one, with no decisions yet to be taken.Mr  Hyde’s abrupt departure, which he explained at the time as a need to attend to his sick son in the U.S., cost the PUP a valuable seat, as replacement Yolanda Schakron ran into difficulties with her nationality and independent candidate Carlos Diaz siphoned votes from his PUP rival Martin Galvez, allowing the UDP’s Mark King to take the win.

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