Cordel Hyde Returns, Not Worried About Present Lake I Rep. Mark King

Earlier this year, speculations surfaced that former three term Area Representative for Lake Independence, Cordel Hyde, may be returning to the People’s United Party. Well tonight there is no question that Hyde is back in the blue camp. Last night, Hyde, who was the guest speaker at a party convention for the Fort George Area Representative, the Hon. Said Musa, sounded the trumpet on a comeback for the PUP.

vlcsnap-2013-12-09-12h04m15s156Cordel Hyde, Former PUP Lake Independence Area Rep.

So we have to re-double our efforts, go back to our people who we lost before and let them know that we are back. Let them know that we won’t take any chat, because the old PUP doesn’t take any chat. No one can come and chance us and if there is any problem, any injustice in this country, we will hit the streets. I want to say this last thing, you know a lot of people big up the area reps; it’s always, Mr. Musa you are the man, Mr. Fonseca, you are the man, but I will tell you this, you don’t have an area representative if you don’t have a committee. Your area rep can’t win an election without the committee. So I want to big up you all committee and supporters from the Fort George community. Lake Independence has a good committee too.

Hyde, along with brother-in-law Mark Espat, surprisingly decided not to contest their seats in the 2012 General Elections,vlcsnap-2013-12-09-12h03m50s170 where the PUP suffered a narrow loss. Soon thereafter, the two were reportedly booted from the party. PlusNews has been following the expected return of Hyde since August and we know all too well that there is lingering resentment on the part of some PUP members. But speaking with Hyde following his presentation, he appeared to be unbothered and quite optimistic. We asked him about his sentiments upon rejoining to the party. Hyde says he was never gone.


How far have the discussions gone with you coming back into Lake I?

Cordel Hyde

We have has some discussions we have had some meetings. I’ve met with the party lead and a couple other past leaders, but we still have some more talking to do and some more work to do before we finalize everything.


Is it fair to say that there is a significant block in the party which opposes your return?

vlcsnap-2013-12-09-12h12m30s243Cordel Hyde

I am sure, you will have to ask them, I am sure there is some resistance, whether it is significant, I am not sure that you can call it that, but I am sure that there is some resistance.

In the 2012 General Elections, Hon. Mark King for the United Democratic Party beat out PUP’s Martin Galvez for the Area Rep. seat. So at this time, how confident is Hyde on reclaiming the seat? Here’s what he had to say.


Honestly, cold talk, do you think that you can take down Mark King?

Cordel Hyde

Mark King? All I will say is that he seems to be having more fun doing more of the things that he is not supposed to be doing and less of the things that he should be doing. I don’t really pay much attention to Mark King really. At the end of the day it is up to the voters of Lake I. They know who is real; they know who has been working for them for all these years. I’ve been there, I live there, I am not going anywhere.

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