Corozal goes Blue

Corozal followed its neighboring municipality and made a change from red to blue. PUP Mayoral candidate Rigoberto Vellos beat out his opponenet Richard Quan with a total of 2, 744 votes. The full red slate garnered the highest votes. That includes Shamir Alpuche, Dylan Casanova, Hilberto Clarke, Rodulpho Narvaez, Toni Paharsingh, and Othon Rivers.

Rigoberto Vellos, Mayor of Corozal:  The results are truly wonderful. My people of Corozal have surely waken up, and my people of Corozal are going to get what they deserve, a better Corozal, a brighter future for everyone. Now I just ask any of the Corozal members to come and join us . We are supposed to have one goal,  to make Corozal better . I want to thank God for our victory, for all the hard work, for the strength he gave us and I want to thank Mr.Richie Quan also, for putting up a good fight and all the candidates. I thank my campaigners and my voters and all my supporters of Corozal Town. Thank you to everyone. God bless. It’s all because of the people of Corozal. Like I said, we worked hard on our campaign. We opened a lot of people’s eyes and hard work always pays off .Well first we got to see what’s the condition in there, but the main point is to serve every Corozalenio. The politics are over after tonight. It’s time to serve Corozal .

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