Corozal jail break; three prisoners at large

Three prisoners are at large tonight after a jail break that occurred on Wednesday. The three men escaped from the Corozal Police Formation’s jailhouse by apparently sawing through the metal bars.  The prisoners include Marvin Pec,  Johny Matus, and Austin Sutherland who were all being held in a cell  together as they were scheduled to appear before the Court in separate matters later in the day. Police told us more.

CIB, Wilfredo Ferrufino

Police officers at the Corozal Police Station were making or preparing to ferry prisoners from Corozal to the Colby Foundation this was sometime around 4:50 a.m and in that process they discovered that 3 metal bars for the cell door were cut and three prisoners had escape  their names are Johnito Matus   a 19 year old of San Narcisto Village, Mervin Peck a 28 year old of Consejo road and Austin Suthernland a 29 year old of G street south Corozal town they have been detained for burglary and handling stolen goods . Mr. Matus was serving time for burglary and he was at the station for a burglary case and if anybody has any information in regards to their whereabouts kindly call the nearest police station.


Polcie say while the men were arrested in connection to burglaries and handling stolen goods, the public still needs to be careful if they spot these escaped prisoners.

CIB, Wilfredo Ferrufino

Mr.Matus was there for a Burglary charge and he was there for another Burglary case, and Mr. Peck was there for aggravated burglary and Mr.Suthernland was there for a handling charge. In any case that these guys are out there and they would like here freedom and so I would caution anybody that sees them to be quite cautious do not approach them just call the nearest police station and we will have somebody look into the information.

Police say they do not know what instrument was used to cut the bars but there is a time frame that police officers should have been making checks at those cells. It would appear no police was monitoring. The Professional Standards branch of  the police department is investigating this case as well.

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