Corozal Man Shot Three Times Fighting for his Life

hand with .38 revolverA Corozal man is tonight fighting for his life, after he was shot three times to the head, while Police are questioning the alleged shooter, his son.  The incident occurred on New Year’s Day, at about 10:30 at night.

Investigation has revealed that 53 year old businessman, Hensley Jones Jr., was at home in the kitchen area, with one of his sons, when the 30 year old pulled out a gun and shot his father.  Jones, who also goes by the name Nick, was shot a total of three times, two to the left side of his head and one to the back of the head.

Corozal Community HospitalJones, with blooding running down his head, managed to stagger outside, where he met Police officers.  He was transported to the Corozal Community Hospital via and later transferred to the KHMH in a critical condition. Officer Commanding the Corozal Formation, Andrew Ramirez, says that Police checked on Jones’s condition at about 10:20 am this morning, he remains alive, but unable to give a statement.  When authorities processed the crime scene, no expended shells were found and a swab was taken from both palms of the hand of the accused for gun powder residue.  He is currently  in police custody.  They also confiscated what is believed to be the firearm, a .38 revolver.



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