Corozal Woman Busted With Weed

44 year old Melodia Moh, a Belizean domestic of Caledonia Village, was arrested and charged on Tuesday March 3rd for kept ammunition without gun license and possession of controlled drugs.

According to authorities at around 10:45, Corozal police conducted a special operation in Caledonia Village, Corozal,  where they conducted a search at the residence of Moh on the strength of a search warrant. The search lead to the discovery of a transparent plastic bag underneath a bed, containing 51 parcels of aluminium foil with green leafy vegetable suspected to be weed. A further search inside one of the rooms of the residence lead to the discovery of one transparent plastic bag containing 6 16 gauge shotgun cartridges of ammunition. Authorities say they asked Moh for her license to which she replied she had none. The drugs were weighed in her presence which amounted to 36 grams.

As a result Melodia Moh was arrested and charged for drug and firearm related offences.

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