Corwin Bennett Freed of the Charge of Murder

vlcsnap-2014-02-27-12h46m48s197hammer of justiceSupreme Court Justice Adolph Lucas today freed 20 year old Corwin Bennett from a charge of murder, after ruling that his guilt had not been proven by the Crown beyond a reasonable doubt. Bennett was tried for the murder of Raymond “Killa” Gentle, a former gang boss, in January of 2011.

Gentle was ruthlessly gunned down while at a work site in the Kraal Road area. Bennett gave two oral admissions and two written statements to two separate police officers after the incident. In the first pair of statements he asserted that he was in fact the shooter.

But in the second pair he claimed that he dCourtid not personally pull the trigger, but that he was in the area to scout for the real triggerman and identify Gentle to him.

Justice Lucas said that he believed all the statements were not induced by the police, and that Bennett gave them of his own free will. However, he ruled that the Crown did not sufficiently prove that their contents were true. Mr. Elvis Bevans, a brother of Mr. Gentle, testified that he witnessed the shooting and chased after the shooter.

He identified Bennett at a formal police identification parade but could not do so in court.

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