Cotton tree school receives ramp for disabled students

Wilson Amaya attends St. Joseph R.C. School in the village of Cotton Tree in the Cayo District. Wilson is disabled and his parents use to have to carry him to school and to other places. That is until he received a wheelchair through Hearts for Christ, a Christian Ministry located in Roaring Creek Village. Yesterday, Tuesday January 16, Wilson was again blessed, along with his school, with a ramp so that he can access his classroom.  Plus news spoke with the principal of the school, Joycelyn Coleman.


We always want to ensure that every child is catered for and so when Wilson’s parents came to see me in August and said that Wilson is confined to a wheel chair and so on, I had no problem. I did not think twice. I wanted him to have an education. Hearts of Christ, actually, they were very close with them and Hearts of Christ contacted us and asked us if we needed a wheelchair for any other students and we told them yes. So they came and they met Wilson and they asked us what else do we need for Wilson and I mentioned to them that we are in need of a wheelchair ramp for Wilson to get in-and-out of his classroom. So they came and they did your measurements and they also mentioned to them my concern of having a wheelchair ramp that we would be able to carry from one building to another and from 1 Room to another. Because when Wilson is promoted in September the wheel chair will be able to access other classrooms

 The ramp became a reality yesterday and there was excitement all around on the school grounds which cater to 442 children.



He is very playful when he comes to school. He plays a lot and when he does not come to school he always asks us to bring him. We take him to school although it is very difficult for us; and for him it is very difficult for him when he goes around although he does it well. It has been a little difficult but God helps us on a day-to-day basis. He strengthens us dearly and we are grateful to God for giving us this wonderful son. We tried to help him in every way possible  in terms of attending to him. Although we do not give him what he needs because of minimal resources but we give him all the love that he requires and we take care of him very well.


Honestly, I am surprised because I did not know when they would come to install the ramp and actually I did not even think that it was that big of a ramp !I just thought about a ramp to go into the classroom in front of the classroom. So I am honestly speechless. I am really grateful to Hearts of Christ, when we accepted Wilson here I knew that God would open doors for us. I knew that he would take care and he did. I am just honestly grateful that he is getting the assistance because I want that Wilson gets a fighting chance to finish primary school and move on to a high school .

The ministry which provided the wheelchair and the ramp through Hearts for Christ is called Access Life, a Christian nonprofit ministry to reach out to individuals and families living with disabilities. Doug Goddard, from Access Life,told us about the construction of the ramp.



We came in a little earlier than the last couple years so that we could build some ramps for some of the schools and families that need them for their homes and Corey and Alicia and Heart of Christ have been great in getting us connected. They know the people from the community and their needs and they have connected us with some folks who need things and we are just glad to be able to serve and to see God glorified.


Doug is in a wheelchair as well and shared a little bit of his story, saying that God is his inspiration for doing what he does.


God, of course, is the inspiration in my life. You know, what he has done for me is he has inspired me. I had a diving accident when I was in high school in the United States in 1983 and shortly after that I became a Christian and I really felt that God had put the love in my heart to do the most with what I had. So we’re trying to use what we have. So it’s been a journey. My wife and I felt that God wanted us to do something a little different and so we felt that disability issues is a great way to give back and to impact people and hopefully encourage people to believe that even though they do have disabilities, God has a purpose and plan for their life and they can do great things with their lives.

Life Access will be at Hearts for Christ in Roaring Creek on Saturday, January 20th


We come normally and give out wheelchairs, walkers, crutches and canes And we have what we call an expo that we do at Hearts of Christ. We will be doing one on Saturday coming up and everyone such as families with disabilities are welcome to come. We also have some games and crafts and things for them to do to hopefully minister to them beyond getting that wheelchair.

A ramp was also built at the primary school in Armenia village to facilitate a female student there. Life Access has been coming to Belize for the past four years through partnership with Hearts for Christ. 

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