Couple charged for drugs; woman tried to escape police

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vlcsnap-2014-08-07-06h20m44s105A couple from Belama Phase III in Belize City face charges of drug trafficking, and in the woman’s case, escape from lawful custody. On Monday, August 4, police went to the home of 34 year old Richard Smith and 30 year old Sandra Thompson. It is alleged that when the couple saw the police coming they threw a bag through the window of the house. Police retrieved the bag and found suspected cannabis inside. They were detained and taken to the Racoon Street Police Station. While at the station, Sandra Thompson, who is pregnant, complained of pain, and threw herself on the floor while talking with her mother. Officers took her to the hospital and she was placed in the observation room. Later on a security guard reported that someone matching her description was seen walking outside, but before police could get to her she disappeared. She was later picked up and arraigned with Richard Smith before Chief Magistrate Ann-Marie Smith. Sandra Thompson is out on bail of $500 for escape, and $1,000 for drug trafficking, while Richard Smith got the same bail for the drug trafficking offence. He has two previous matters for the similar offence, and was ordered to report to the Queen Street Police Station between 7:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m., every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, and not to commit any other offence as a condition of his bail. They are to return to court on September 1.


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