Couple hit by gunfire, 21 year old is dead

There were two other murders in Belize City over the weekend. The first took place on Friday night where 21 year old David Steven Reveres of LaCroix Boulevard was shot to the left side of the pelvis, left buttock left thigh and left calf, while 16 year old Shannalyn Augustine of Alvarez Street was shot to the left breast and left side of the back. The two were socializing on Roches Street when gunfire opened up in their direction. Reveres died while in treatment early Saturday morning. Sr. Supt. Hilberto Romero explained at a briefing that police are following a lead that Reveres may have been the target

Hilberto Romero, O.C. CIB of Eastern Division – “Well, that is a lead that we are following up on. He had conflict with persons in that area, the Martin’s area. He was hanging out at a particular area when he was targeted but yes, we have information. He had an ongoing conflict with some persons in that area.”

Reporter – “Has he ever reported any attempts on his life before?”

Hilberto Romero“No, no reports were made to us regarding any threats.”

Reporter “He was known to police?”

Hilberto Romero“We had dealt with him for minor offenses in the past and he is known to us, yes.”

Reporter“You said someone was shot along with him”

Hilberto Romero – “Yeah, a female minor was shot with him and she is in a stable condition.”

Reporter“Was she accompanying him or?”

Hilberto Romero – “Yes, she was along with him at the time when this shooting occurred.”

Reporter“Does this have to do with gang rivalry in the area?”

Hilberto Romero – “Like I said, he had conflict with some persons in that area and that is the information we are following up on.”


Police continue their investigations.

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