Couple Kidnapped for Ransom in the North

police logoTonight, authorities are investigating the kidnapping of a couple that occurred last night in the Corozal District. Police were called out to Copper Bank Village where they met with Sabino Nah, a 24 year old fisherman of the village. Nah told them that the incident unfolded at around  7:45 that night, while he was along with his brother 32 year old Fisherman Eduardo Nah and Eduardo’s common law wife, Roxanie Cruz, a Belizean housewife.

vlcsnap-2014-01-21-18h45m29s134The trio has only just arrived home in Eduardo’s Toyota SUV. Eduardo was driving and upon reaching the gate, Roxanie exited the vehicle, opened the gate and Eduardo drove in the drive way. Eduardo and Sabino were still inside the vehicle when Roxanie went to close the gate. Right then, four men of clear complexion, wearing like t-shirt over their faces, entered the yard.  The men spoke in Spanish, says Sabino, consistent to the Belizean Spanish dialect.

One of the men approached Sabino, who by that time was already out of the vehicle and hit Sabino with the butt of a black riffle on the forehead, causing a cut wound.

vlcsnap-2014-01-21-18h45m35s185Sabino says he was then instructed to lay on the ground, where he was hand cuffed. The other three assailants reportedly went inside the house with Eduardo and Roxanie.  Sabino took this opportunity to run for help.

He returned a few minutes later with several villagers, but no one was at the residence. The vehicle was also missing. Extensive searches where conducted by both Corozal and Orange Walk Police in the surrounding areas, including Sarteneja, San Esteban and Progreso Villages.

Then in a strange turn of events, at about 12:00 a.m. on Tuesday, while a team of Corozal police was at the scene, Eduardo and Roxanie arrived in the SUV.

Eduardo recounted the same story to Police, as his brother did. He also stated that the kidnappers ransacked the inside of the home, after which they forced the couple into the SUV, and took them to a cane field, outside of San Esteban Village.

sugar-roadHe says that there, the four men began to interrogate him about drugs which they claim he found. Eduardo denied the allegation and told the men that he sells vehicles, not drugs. They then demanded money and he gave them $15,000.00 in different denominations.

They also confiscated a Samsung brand cell phone with calling number 633-2724.  One of bandits then gave Eduardo a Digicel phone chip and stated that they will contact him on that number on Friday to arrange for more money.  The assailants then left the couple in the cane field and fled the area.

Upon close inspection of Eduardo, Police observed a cut wound to the left toe, he also says that he was lashed with a machete to his back and that his wife was also hit.

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