Couple on “flying motorbike” visit Belize


On July 21, 2012 the German adventurers Andreas Zmuda and his partner Doreen Kroeber began their 100,000 miles trip around the world in a three-wheel, weight-shift ultra light plane, a kind of “flying motorbike”, aimed to set seven world records! There trip is planned to last approximately four years before landing in Sydney on August 31st, 2016. They will cross five continents, 74 countries and three oceans. The couple is currently in Belize for a brief stop until the middle of February before flying to Honduras. The travelling duo is documenting their four-year journey on their blog with detailed reports and photos with help from close-to-the action 3-D cameras on the trike’s wings. The trike can also be tracked on their website, A movie will also be released in September of this year, based on their travels.

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