Couple shot in Belize City; one dead

A man was shot and killed in Belize City on Tuesday night. The shooting happened sometime around 7:30 last on Maurice Bishop Street, Belama Phase Two. 37 year old Jermain Ryan Vellos was shot dead on the stairs of a two story dwelling house. He was shot multiple times. According to the police report, Vellos and his wife, 29 year old Stephanie Vellos, arrived at the house and were walking up the stairs  when two male persons wearing masks and armed with what appeared to be hand guns, emerged from the  dark and fired several gun shots in their direction.  Jermain was hit several times while his wife received gunshot injury to the right leg and a graze to the left hand. A witness who wished to remain anonymous spoke to our colleagues in Belize City.vlcsnap-2018-01-03-18h44m03s555 vlcsnap-2018-01-03-18h43m56s553 vlcsnap-2018-01-03-18h43m52s789

I heard something it sound like pop shot at first. A gentleman who lives abroad at New York City came from the shop probably around 7:15, 7:20 so. He’s walking up the steps looked like he got ambushed by 1 or 2 gunman. They called him at the middle of the steps and it looked like the person who was shooting him called out a name, I guessed they targeted who they wanted. When the sister yelled out and said this is not such and such the person still fired the shots and the man just fell on the ground and that was like it. Personally I only saw one but the sister said they were 2 gunmen and they were both wearing mask. They probably came from the water side or something. I doubt they could have come in from the streets. Like I said whoever they was trying to catch they was trying to ambush the person. The only place they could of when was the waterside. It’s too much traffic in the streets too much scenery but somebody said they heard like somebody jumping in a car and they sped off but I didn’t hear that maybe because of what was going on. 

According to the witness, when the police arrived on the scene, Vellos was still alive.

He was still alive when the police came. He was still breathing and everything. He was in shock. We were telling the police to carry the man to the hospital but they didn’t want to carry the body. He was like he wasn’t even dead. The sister was still on the steps screaming they didn’t want to carry the man. We had no ride to carry the man. Unfortunately this is the outcome. He comes in on vacation for Christmas to visit the child and the mom. I think he was heading back tomorrow. His sister left yesterday. Like I said he is not even from here. He is from New York City. I don’t think he knows anybody from here other than his in-laws .

Vellos was a Belizean Warehouse Machine Operator of Queens, New York. Police are seeking two suspects.  This is the second murder for 2018

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