Couple threatened in San Pedro

A couple in San Pedro may be able to breathe had a bit lighter tonight after their alleged aggressors were placed behind bars. The couple was asleep on Saturday night, when around 9:30 they were awakened by three men, standing outside their home. The husband then went outside, and that was when one of the men pointed a gun to his side. A second man asked him “You got my thing?” When the husband asked what thing he was referring to, the man replied “I don’t want to hear that, I just want my money, I want my $700.00 and if you don’t give me my money you wah dead in three days.” Fearing for his life, the couple immediately reported the matter to the Police. Well, one man has been detained and authorities are seeking another man, known to them. We can’t release the names of the men as yet, as no charges have been brought against either.

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