Court allows illegal entrant to leave Belize

Justice Shona Griffith ordered Honduran national Melvin Melara, who was held since November 17 by authorities despite paying his fine of $1,000 for illegal entry, to leave Belize as soon as he is able to provide the cost of his transportation to Honduras.

Melvin Melara’s attorney, Kevin Arthurs, applied under writ of habeas corpus, charging that immigration authorities flouted the law, which states that no illegal immigrant who has been convicted of an immigration offence should be held in Belize after 7 days, as long as they can pay for their transportation back to their country of origin.

Melvin Melara satisfied the court that he can pay his own way via flight, and authorities were made to escort him straight to the Philip Goldson international airport.

The Attorney General’s Ministry was represented by Crown counsel Leonora Duncan.

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