Court settles land dispute in Corozal

vlcsnap-2013-05-14-20h05m13s142A long standing land dispute has been put to rest in the Supreme Court. It all started back in 2007, when the Ranchito Village Council, situated in the Corozal District, surveyed and distributed 216 lots for villagers. Due to a hurricane and congestion at the Lands Department, the official processing of those lots were halted and when the UDP came into office in 2008, a moratorium was placed on land. By 2009, GOB had appointed a new lots committee in Ranchito village, in contravention of the Village Council Act which gives that power to the Village Council. That new committee then cancelled almost all of the assigned applicants. Several parcels were then redistributed and it was this redistribution that created even more confusion and ill-will within the community. And one of those matters was resolved in court last week. Amon Flowers, a resident of Ranchito Village, initially had possession of a parcel of land, but that land was later sold for a little over four thousand dollars to Elmo Henderson. Both men claimed ownership of the property and the matter had to be taken to the courts. Well on Wednesday of last week, the judge ruled in favor of Flowers. This decision came after Henderson failed to show up in court. PlusNews has been informed that Henderson has since been inquiring about how and when he will be compensated for his loss. Attorney for Amon Flowers was Marcel Cardona.

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