Courtenay Says UDP hecklers trying to protect Penner

As we’ve said, the main target of the UDP supporters in the gallery was Senator Eamon Courtenay. It started from the week before, which was Penner’s first appearance. At last week’s session, Alberto August was in the gallery and Senator Eamon Courtenay had stopped the session to complain that August, the UDP party chairman, was in the gallery pointing and gesturing at him as he was questioning Penner. Courtenay had asked for August’s removal but August got up on his own and walked out. However, he was back yesterday, along with “Yellowman” and others, to cause an even greater disruption. After the Senate Hearing yestrday, PUP Senator Eamon Courtenay spoke about the disruptive behavior. vlcsnap-2017-05-17-19h41m18s604

Eamon Courtenay, Senator: First of all, the proceedings last week were disturbed by the chairman of the United Democratic Party Mr. August. Mr. August came back again today, he was accompanied by others including the sergeant at arms of this honourable house. So these are of part of the official United Democratic Party, part of the house staff, and they were the persons who came here today to disturb the proceedings, with a clear intent to do so let’s make no mistake about that. So first of all as far as I’m concerned, I regard it as being done with the sanction and the approval of the higher echelon of the United Democratic Party. And Mister Penner, you heard him at the very beginning gave a political speech, clearly that was also rehearsed and prepared for the purposes of today’s hearing. The question is why. It’s very simple, it’s very obvious, it is clear to people who I believe have seen this that the United Democratic Party government and certain ministers and other officials in particular have things to hide. And I was one of the persons, including my other senators who were asking pertinent and relevant questions and putting Mister Penner on the hot seat and hence, they decided that they were going to distract and disrupt the proceedings today to get us away from that.  vlcsnap-2017-05-18-20h44m42s627


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