Coye Family Assets Still Under Lockdown

Frozen-Assets0003-300x225At news time Monday, PLUS News was informed that contrary to the hopes of their attorneys, the surviving members of the Coye family were not allowed access to their bank accounts following an order lifting the freezing of the accounts by Justice Shona Griffith.

This is because according to multiple credible reports, a Panamanian company known as Internet Experts, S.A., otherwise doing business as Instadollar, successfully applied for an ex parte injunction from the Supreme Court on Monday afternoon, which has since been served on all financial institutions doing business with the Coye family and their attorneys.

The injunction keeps the over $1 million left after Government’s Income Tax Department seized nearly half the estate for income taxes out of the Coyes’ hands until the resolution of their suit on Monday, May 19. Additionally, it overrides the order of the Court of Appeal that the $1.557 million in cash recovered from the Coyes’ Johnson Street property, six years ago which was to be returned to them within 60 days.

They cannot now dispose of that money in any way.  Attorneys for the Coyes have been unavailable since they left court on Monday morning. In related news, it has always been questioned how it was that the family got its hands on these large sums of money.

That led the Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) to take a look and initiate an ultimately failed investigation on charges of money laundering. Attorney for the family, Richard “Dickie” Bradley, sought to unravel the mystery for reporters on Monday.

vlcsnap-2014-05-06-18h00m43s185Dickie Bradley- Attorney for the Coye Family

“What is not known is that Mr. Michael Coye, during his illustrious and noble life, was the owner of a gas station; he was the owner of several businesses; he was the manager and supervisor of other businesses and he sold his gas station; he also sold his land holding on most of them and he had his good accounting of where he was getting his monies from.  So, the $1.5 million is not frozen by anybody.  That is in fact exhibit in the case which has been completed”.


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