CPBL still delayed in payments to CGA

Citrus Growers will receive their delayed fruit cheque for fruit payroll from March 8, 2016 . That check will be ready on Friday, March 18th, 2015 at 8am. According to a statement from the Citrus Growers’ Association, they were informed that CPBL would be making the payment from CPBL’s Collaboration and internal cash sources. The statement says, “CPBL has informed us that they are still awaiting official confirmation as to when their working capital financing from Heritage Bank will be available to them. CPBL management will keep us constantly updated as to the status of their financing arrangements. However, in terms of the fruit payroll from the period ending March 15th, 2016 CPBL will have to defer payment until additional funds become available.” CPBL indicated that they are expecting some feedback from Heritage Bank within the next couple of days.

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