Crooked Tree woman gets heavy fine and confined for crack cocaine

vlcsnap-2014-07-18-06h52m07s138A Crooked Tree Domestic is behind bars after she chose to plead guilty to the offense of drug trafficking. Police found 1.2 grams of crack cocaine hiding in a tube like container under her left breast when they conducted a search inside her home in the village.    Racquel Gomez was unrepresented when she appeared before the court and pleaded guilty. She was told to sit for a while to consider what she was pleading guilty to.  That’s because Magistrate Gillett explained to her that the offense of drug trafficking is a serious offense that carries a jail term and a fine.   After she sat and considered how she really wanted to plea, Racquel Gomez maintained her guilty plea. The Magistrate then imposed 3 years of imprisonment plus a $10,000 fine which she ordered paid fine by November 15, 2014. If she can’t make that payment, she will spend an additional 3 years in jail. That is 6 years in all.

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