This afternoon a small fleet of vehicles headed from Belize City and rolled into Belmopan… but this was not a delivery of brand new vehicles to government… this was the court returning Crowfooted vehicles , office furniture and computers to Belize Waste management, after a day in court.   Last week the news reported that several vehicles

and office furniture were Crowfooted on behalf of VISION ARCHITECTS & CONTRACTORS which won a half a million dollar lawsuit against Solid Waste in May of this year.  With costs, the total outstanding to Vision Architects was $580 thousand dollars.   Vision’s Lawyer, Naima Barrow, had written to Solid Waste Management on various occasions to get clarity but there was reportedly no response from them. So, last week Thursday, Barrow moved for enforcement: the Court Marshall went and took the Solid Waste’s three vehicles, and on Friday, they went back and took all the office equipment, including computers, in an attempt to recover the half a million dollars owed to them

in the judgment. Today , GOB went to court where Solicitor General Nigel Hawke submitted that it is Vision Architects that had not followed the proper procedure in the enforcement of the judgment debt. Their contention is

that the seized items don’t actually belong to Solid Waste management, but that the confiscated properties actually belong to the Government. They say that the crowfooting was improper, and that the items seized should be returned. Naima Barrow, on behalf of Vision Architects, made strong objections to the Government application. Her first ground is that the Government should not be entertained because it has demonstrated contempt for the court’s orders – by basically ignoring the 580-thousand-dollar judgment against it. She said that GOB knows that her clients are seeking enforcement. She also objected on the grounds that Government has not followed the court’s procedure for claiming ownership of seized property. After a hotly contested back and forth between the judge and the attorneys for both sides, he ordered that Vision Architects & Contractors must return the seized vehicles and office equipment to SWAMA and the Government of Belize by noon tomorrow. The judge has adjourned the case until next week Friday, when it will get a full hearing.

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