CURRENT: Sexual Orientation Resolution raised at OAS Assembly in Guatemala

OAS meeting in Guatemala right now.

 Serious developments with a binding treaty being negotiated right now at the Organization of American States GA in Guatemala.  some of the worse parts below.  We need to get as many countries as possible to oppose this or to delete the many harmful provisions and references to sexual orientation and gender identity.  Please spread the word as far as possible.


Preamble: TAKING INTO ACCOUNT that a pluralistic and democratic society must respect the cultural, linguistic, religious, gender and sexual identity of every person, whether belonging to a minority or not, and create the conditions that will enable that person to express, preserve, and develop his or her identity;

ALARMED by the surge in hate crimes motivated by gender, religion, sexual orientation,

Article I (1) Discrimination shall mean any distinction, exclusion, restriction, or preference, in any area of public or private life, the purpose or effect of which is to nullify or curtail the equal recognition, enjoyment, or exercise of one or more human rights and fundamental freedoms

Discrimination may be based on nationality; age; sex; sexual orientation; gender identity and expression;

Article I (2) Indirect discrimination shall be taken to occur, in any realm of public and private life, when a seemingly neutral provision, criterion, or practice has the capacity to entail a particular disadvantage for persons belonging to a specific group, or puts them at a disadvantage, unless said provision, criterion, or practice has some reasonable and legitimate objective or justification under international human rights law.

Article I (2) Intolerance is an action or set of actions or expressions that denote disrespect, rejection, or contempt for the dignity, characteristics, convictions, or opinions of persons for being different or contrary.

Article 4

The states undertake to prevent, eliminate, prohibit, and punish, in accordance with their constitutional norms and the provisions of this Convention, all acts and manifestations of discrimination and intolerance, including:

i.                    Public or private support provided to discriminatory activities or that promote intolerance, including the financing thereof;

ii.                  Publication, circulation or dissemination, by any form and/or means of communication, including the Internet, of any materials that:

a.                   advocate, promote, or incite hatred, discrimination, and intolerance;

i.                    Preparing and introducing teaching materials, methods, or tools that portray stereotypes or preconceptions, based on any of the criteria set forth in Article 1.1 of this Convention;

In order to monitor the implementation of the commitments assumed by the States Parties to this Convention:

Any person or group of persons, or non-governmental entity legally recognized in one or more member states of the Organization of American States may submit to the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights petitions containing reports or complaints of violations of this Convention by a State Party


(definition of words)

Sexual orientation- is homosexuality, bisexuality, and or heterosexuality… an “enduring emotional, romantic, sexual, or affectional “attraction toward another person.

Gender– is a range of physical, mental, and behavioral characteristics distinguishing between masculinity and femininity… ir it does not mean MALE and FEMALE



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