Curtis Swasey continues Mek Mi Rich challenge

Businessman Curtis Swasey claims that Belize Telemedia Limited (BTL) and MMR Belize Productions, parent to the popular television game show Mek Mi Rich, collaborated to take away his intellectual property consisting of the idea of lottery texting and the various items he created with BTL staff for two years under a non-disclosure agreement before the company ended business arrangements in August of 2014. Weeks later Mek Mi Rich aired and Swasey realized he had got nothing for his work, so he sued. It is a first of its kind case in Belize and on Monday case management continued before Justice Courtney Abel.vlcsnap-2015-04-01-11h08m09s163

Swasey’s attorney Kareem Musa says that they successfully resisted BTL and MMR on a “premature” application for disclosure requesting further information on Swasey’s case. The two companies are represented respectively by Magali Perdomo and Naima Barrow. Barrow explained why her clients can prove that they did not steal from Swasey by noting that MMR has its records of where it got the information it needed to start Mek Mi Rich and with Swasey’s information they could compare and file their defense. Barrow also clarified reports that the claim had been struck out at case management on the trial date prior to this one. The court allowed Swasey to amend his claim form to reflect a difference from the original filing. The case continues at a later date.

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