Customs Department make big contraband bust

The Customs Department made a big contraband bust over the weekend. On Saturday, over 1300 cases of Modern Silver Elephant cigarettes were confiscated in Jalacte, after BDF alerted customs of the movement of suspect cargo. It has vlcsnap-2013-03-19-20h01m07s131been reported that the cigarettes were legally purchased in the Corozal Free Zone and were to be shipped to Puerto Barrios in Guatemala. Prior to Saturday’s seizure, the shipment had been placed on an exporting vessel bound for Puerto Barrios. But the cargo could not be imported to Guatemala legally and so was shipped back to Belize. It was subsequently taken to Jalacte by truck. But apparently that move made the cigarettes uncustomed cargo and so they were impounded. The cigarettes are now being stored in Belize City at the Queen’s bond warehouse. Meanwhile, police are looking for the boat captain and the truck driver, who are believed to have fled across the border. The cigarettes value some $143,000 US Dollars.

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