Customs officer charged for allegedly smuggling contraband









Three men, one of them a customs officer, were slapped with large fines, after they were allegedly caught with contraband goodsThey are 29 year old Carlton Humes, customs officer 25 year old Rondale Bailey and 21 year old student Devon Bailey. The bust took place around 11 on Saturday morning. Tipped off about suspicious activities, authorities moved swiftly and managed to intercept a white Plymoth Grand Voyager vehicle. A preliminary search inside the vehicle turned up a number of boxes. The car, its occupants and the cargo were escorted to the Police Station where a further search was conducted. Inside the rear of the vehicle the police discovered 15 cases of Absolute Vodka (Litre) and 1 case of Grey Goose Vodka (Litre). Each case of Absolute Vodka contained 12 bottles and the case of Grey Goose Vodka contained 6 bottles. The trio was subsequently charged with acquiring possession of uncustomed goods and recklessly concern in carrying uncustomed goods.” The estimated value of the goods is $15,862. They were charged with three times the value of the contraband liquor – $47,586.

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